How to Convert Yarn and Sizes Internationally

converting yarn and sizes

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I am a ladies ready-to-wear and knit wear designer and have been knitting for private clients, selling my designs to shops and teaching others to knit, design and to sell to others. Creating 180 garments each year for each line of designs, I had to know and understand for my designer knitwear how to convert yarn so I could complete garments to show to buyers. With new yarns always being created, I had to know how to select and convert these yarns.

Often people would ask in class how to do the converting and how to use the information to make a garment from a knitter who used a different math system (Inches-Metric-New Metric) to create and write their patterns. Each country uses their own set of math formulas. Often the yarn that these patterns used was no longer available and needed to have a yarn substituted that could be purchased in the different countries from the current selections of yarn.

This book is the answer to how to convert the yarns and sizes from around the world so we can enjoy patterns from another country, create the knit and have it fit so wearing the knit is comfortable and fun. Happy Knitting!

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