Increase Your Color Skill

design with color

This magazine will help you learn more about how you can design with 2,3 or 4 colors of yarn. Where to get inspiration and how to change placement and increase your color combination ability.

A new trend is coloring books and they can provide a way for you to evaluate the colors you want together without being distracted by your stitch pattern.

There are two templates of 6 different areas to put in your choice of 2, 3 or 4 color designs to see which colors you like together.

I used to rotate the colors though my eyelets in my color changer but this is much faster and is done away from the knitting machine so I can get a bit of physical rest from pushing the carriage back and forth.

Then apply the same technique that the eye Dr does when you are getting your eyes tested. Do you like 1 or 2, then of those 1 or 3 and so on until you narrow down your choice.

Total: $5.99