Knitting with Color and a Touch of Texture

This book provides information about how to begin to combine colors and textures and tools to improve your skills. When it comes to color, it is all about the relationship you are creating with your color and texture combinations. If you?d like to find out more about color combining and the other key ideas and tools that can help you realize your dream to become a color combiner, you can find that information in this material.

It is this ?inside? information that I want to share with you here in this KNITTING WITH COLOR! and a touch of texture, I have parted the curtains to bring you the inside scoop on this multi-billion dollar industry of using color and texture in knitting, to give you a complete understanding in a step by step process of how to start and sustain your ability to combine colors and textures in your knits.

Whether you are just starting out in knitting or you are a seasoned knitter, the KNITTING WITH COLOR! and a touch of texture brings the latest information, strategies, and techniques that can either get you started in combining colors and textures in your knits or take your color and texture combinations to the next level!

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